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I will meet you right where you are 

Need workouts that you can do at home? You got it. Need a realistic eating plan with a grocery list? Yes. Need support and motivation? I’m here.

The packages below can be customized for every person and are designed to help you push past barriers and reach a place where you feel good! 

Every package includes:


Meetings in person or via Zoom


Email access


Help you identify and overcome any road blocks that get in the way of reaching your goals




Written coaching session reports


Provide tools and resources specific to you to help bring about lasting change

I will come alongside you, inspire and encourage you; and offer positive support, accountability and reportability so you can see what you have achieved and the distance you have come.

6 week kick start

Foundational Transformation – in this session, we will look at comprehensive lifestyle and health history overview. I will help you identify areas you want to improve or need support in up to 5 core areas.  We map out a plan specific to your unique needs.


1 – 90-Minute Mapping Session

5  – One hour Sessions – Activate & Accountability Sessions

3 month program

Driving Tranformation – includes basic transformation, plus healthy recipes and handouts specific to the client’s goals, and more in-depth client-specific coaching tools and resources.


1 – 90-minute mapping session session

2 – 60-minute session every week

6 month program

Sustained Transformation – includes Foundational and Driving Transformation and an opportunity to dig deeper into root causes and roadblocks that could continue to prevent you from experiencing the resilience, joy, peace, beauty and fullness your life has to offer.


1 – 90-minute session

2 – 60-minute sessions (1x/week for 3 months)

6 – 60-minute sessions (2x/month for 3 months)

group coaching

Growth and collaboration is done best in community! I provide small group coaching which allows individuals to belong to a group, connect with others around similar issues, support each other and overcome together. Check here for availability.

If you already have a group interested in transforming together and supporting one another, let’s chat!

Speaking Engagements

Do you have a community/volunteer group, church group, place of work or students/young adults that are in need of inspiration, encouragement, or perspective on how to live a more holistic life?

As a committed Christ follower, I am passionate about inspiring others, helping them understand thatWe were built to count, as water is made to run downhill. We are placed in a specific context to count in ways no one else does. That is our destiny.” (Dallas Willard). It is my desire to help those around me truly know and understand just how much “they count.”

When we internalize that “we count in a way no one else does”, we take our lifestyle choices more seriously, and then in turn, we become more impactful on the world around us.

“Sufficient sleep, exercise, healthy food, friendship, and peace of mind are necessities, not luxuries .”

– Mark Halperin

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