True Grit Run Registration

Date: Sunday, May 7th, 2023
Time: Run starts at 10:00am
Location: Beartooth Pass, Red Lodge, MT

Join us for a run/run-walk/walk up the beautiful Beartooth Pass and remember just how strong you really are! This 10-mile round trip adventure will give you the opportunity to take in the majestic scenery of the Beartooth Mountains, challenge yourself physically, mentally and emotionally, and develop community and connection with others. Aren’t sure you can run up the Beartooth Pass? No worries! We will have designated groups for those who want to attempt to run up, run/walk and walk up! We believe that hard things are done best in community and connection with others- we weren’t made to “go it alone”- which means there is a place for EVERY level of “grit” in this run! We hope you will join us for an epic experience that will challenge you, but will also remind you just how strong you really are and that you are not alone!


The run begins at 10am at the base of the Beartooth Pass outside of Red Lodge, MT on Sunday, May 7th. You will have the opportunity to caravan up to the race in community with other participants by meeting at a designated location the morning of the race (details to come once you have registered).

Our goal with this run is to:

  1. Keep you safe! For this reason, we will have several medical professionals participating in the run, a communication system in place should someone need assistance, and First-Aid/CPR certified “team leaders” with each group.
  2. Have fun! We believe that one of the greatest gifts in life is the ability to have fun while doing hard things! This run will give you the opportunity to enjoy beautiful scenery, laugh with others, encourage and be encouraged by other participants and celebrate your True Grit!
  3. Remind you how strong you really are. We believe wholeheartedly that there is nothing more inspiring than the strength and resilience of the human spirit and this run will give you the opportunity to see how much “True Grit” you have within you!

So, are you ready? Ready to find out how strong you really are, scale an epic mountain pass and do it in community with others? Don’t wait, participation is limited, and sign up TODAY!

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