“When it comes to training and fitness coaching there is none better than my girl Chantel!  I’ve been pushed by some of the best in the business and she definitely has the skill to take you and your goals to another level!”    

Tuff Harris, Former NFL Athlete, Baltimore Ravens

“Sometimes my schedule has me on a lot of long flights, and late nights making and performing music globally, which can really take a toll on me. Chantel’s program provides me with great resources to keep me both mentally and physically fit on and off the road, so that I experience zero downtime from fatigue when things get crazy. It’s been an absolute life saver!  

Chad Gerber, Platinum Selling Artist, Los Angeles, California

Working with Chantel is quite simply life changing. She is unlike any other coach out there; her holistic methods encourage sustainable and lasting improvement in your life. Her workouts are tough yet tailorable, which allows for a perfect mix of continuous challenge without the fear of injury or the inability to complete them. Her insight, life experience, and passion to serve others makes for a personalized and inspirational coaching experience. Chantel not only coached me through grueling workouts, but through the even more grueling aspects of life from relationship struggles and career obstacles to working through prior injuries both mentally and physically. With her keen perceptive ability, she helped me in ways I did not realize I needed and after only a few months of working with her, my life improved greatly. I will be forever grateful for choosing Chantel and trusting her to guide me on my physical, mental, and spiritual journey. 

Sarah (28), Captain U.S. Army, North Carolina

“Chantel has made a critical impact on my wellness journey. I had bits and pieces of knowledge and ideas, but couldn’t seem to maintain the momentum to make it stick over time. Chantel got to know me, she really listened. She heard my ideas, my background knowledge, my day to day, and wove it all together to give me the tools I needed to be successful. Her workouts are challenging, and make me feel like an athlete. Her questions, thought provoking and formative. Chantel’s support, unmatched. I will continue to have ups and downs along this wellness journey and, because of Chantel’s coaching, I know I will always persevere.” 

Amy (46), Educator, Minnesota

Growing up playing sports, I’ve had a lot of good coaches, but Chantel is by far the best. Working out with her, or just completing her workouts is an accomplishment in itself. Chantel coaches in a way that brings the best out of you. On top of coaching me through workouts, she helped me to learn how to push myself out of comfort zones and habits. I’m a better person and athlete because of her. 

Saydee (21), College Soccer Player

Coming up on 2 years ago I was in an accident involving a shotgun.  I was told during my stay in the hospital by three different Doctors that if it wasn’t for the physical condition I was in I would not have survived.  For years prior to that I had regularly attended a Boot Camp class taught by Chantel.  I was there one to three days a week for years.  Chantel is a motivating knowledgeable spirit!  Very engaged with everyone in the class and always pushing you to your best!  I always looked forward to class which kept me coming back.  I have no doubt in my mind that if not for Chantel and her class I wouldn’t be here today!   

Dave (48), American Airlines Pilot

My fitness journey restarted at age 47 after several years of inactivity. I needed group exercise for the accountability and landed in Chantel Oakley’s boot camp.  I have been training under her for nearly five years in group exercise TRX, Boot Camp, and outdoor situational training.  Chantel takes a professional personal interest in each of her participants by first building their confidence in their surroundings, meeting each person at the level they are at in their fitness journey, building a group exercise plan that meets goals of all levels, and holding them accountable for the results of which she knows they are capable.  Through training with Chantel,  I have become stronger, faster, mentally focused on achievable results, and physically resilient.  What started as a weight loss journey ended in me keeping up with my active high school and college children and my grandchild.  Under Chantel’s guidance I’ve lost some weight, but gained the ability to live life in a more interactive, confident, and immersive way. 

Jeff (55), Accountant and Entrepreneur, Montana

“Chantel has been a great trainer for me. She has helped me to become stronger, faster and more flexible than I was before I began working with her. She found specific drills that directly correlated to areas I wanted to improve in as an athlete. She made sure to push me to my maximum effort plus some!” 


Austin (17), High School Baseball Player

“Chantel was a great coach for me because she really cares about what your goals are and what it’s going to take to get you there. Her training helped me get faster, stronger and increased my endurance. But, most importantly, she taught me how important it is to give it your best and not give up, because once you give up, it becomes easier and easier to keep giving up. She taught me that this not only applies to my training, but to life, because nothing is easy, you have to work for everything.” 

Lance (17), High School Basketball Player

I began working out with Chantel after my first born was about 8 months old. She was so gracious with me as I re-began my fitness journey! She provided me with all the modifications I needed but also wasn’t afraid to push me! That was over 5 years ago and she is still hands down one of my favorite fitness instructors. She has such a heart for the whole person and not just their physical health. I would highly recommend Chantel for any of your fitness needs regardless of where you are in your journey! You will NOT be disappointed!!

Arieanna (33), Mom and Entrepreneur

You will be blessed to work with Chantel. She is the real deal–a human compass who has a natural ability to point people in the right direction. She’s STRONG–body, mind and soul, and she lives what she preaches.

Lacey (41), Grant Writer and Philanthropist

Working out with Chantel has been transformational in my life. When I first started taking her class I was so nervous. Working out was not the norm for me, I was starting at the very bottom level. Chantel never made me feel like I couldn’t keep up though. She encouraged me and inspired me to push harder and keep going. Getting in shape was not just about physically getting fit for me, going to her class helped me feel empowered and mentally healthier. There are many people who can work out with you, but I think there are few people who can not only work out with you, but also make you feel like you’re something valuable and that there’s nothing you can’t do. Chantel is one of those people!

Darci (36), Non-Profit Operations Manager

This is one amazing lady and hard working mom of 4 busy boys! Her dedication and excitement are contagious and you’ll never regret working with her.
Kristin (39), Commercial Insurance Sales Rep.