I began working out with Chantel after my first born was about 8 months old. She was so gracious with me as I re-began my fitness journey! She provided me with all the modifications I needed but also wasn’t afraid to push me! That was over 5 years ago and she is still hands down one of my favorite fitness instructors. She has such a heart for the whole person and not just their physical health. I would highly recommend Chantel for any of your fitness needs regardless of where you are in your journey! You will NOT be disappointed!!

Arieanna Ramage

 have known Chantel for at least 9 years. She has always inspired me to do more and be better as a trainer at the YMCA! I just started talking to Chantel about needing more and finding the help I need! In hiring Chantel to help me over the past month, even before all this crazy, she has:
– helped me come up with an exercise plan 5 days a week
– eating plan to keep within my goals
– is accessible when I have questions and need encouragement.
I am so excited for my journey and to reach my goals! I highly recommend Chantel to help you make a way of life that is healthy and right for you!

Robin Windham

You will be blessed to work with Chantel. She is the real deal–a human compass who has a natural ability to point people in the right direction. She’s STRONG–body, mind and soul, and she lives what she preaches.

Lacey Maloney

I met Chantel through her YMCA boot camp 3+ years ago and have taken pretty much every class of hers that I can since then. Additionally, I have engaged her to craft personal at-home workouts. I’ve always been in decent shape, but working with Chantel has definitely elevated me to the best shape of my life. She understands the human body and can modify anything to suit your needs (intensity, injuries, etc.). Not only is Chantel a fantastic trainer, but she’s a wonderful person. Without hesitation, I would recommend Chantel to anyone, regardless of where they are in their fitness and health journey. She is the best! 

Blake Eden

Working out with Chantel has been transformational in my life. When I first started taking her class I was so nervous. Working out was not the norm for me, I was starting at the very bottom level. Chantel never made me feel like I couldn’t keep up though. She encouraged me and inspired me to push harder and keep going. Getting in shape was not just about physically getting fit for me, going to her class helped me feel empowered and mentally healthier. There are many people who can work out with you, but I think there are few people who can not only work out with you, but also make you feel like you’re something valuable and that there’s nothing you can’t do. Chantel is one of those people!

Darci Rykowski

This is one amazing lady and hard working mom of 4 busy boys! Her dedication and excitement are contagious and you’ll never regret working with her.
Kristin Piccioni

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