Girl, You Are Strong-

Bozeman, MT

Date: July 12-August 18
Time: Tuesday’s and Thursday’s 6:30pm-8:00pm

“Girl, You Are Strong” is a 6-Week Holistic Fitness program designed specifically for teen girls ages 14-18 years old. This program is designed to help girls become stronger physically, mentally and emotionally, develop healthy body image and self-confidence, cultivate a healthy relationship with nutriton and exercise, and create a fun, supportive and uplifiting community with one another.


Class location will be confirmed upon registration.

We will spend 60 minutes focusing on various aspects of fitness (strength, cardio, core work and stretching) using our own body weight and yoga mats. We will also spend time learning about and discussing various character components that help us become stronger as a whole person- physically, mentally and emotionally, develop self-confidence, have a healthy body image, have a healthy relationship with nutrition and exercise and learn how to support and encourage one another.

Our goal with this program is to:

    1. Create a safe, uplifting and accepting space for teen girls to become stronger physically, mentally and emotionally.

    2. Remove the narrative of shame and guilt help girls become motivated through HOPE!

    3. Teach girls how to exercise their bodies in a safe and effective way.

    4. Teach nutrition basics and discuss what it means to have a healthy relationship with food.

    5. Cultivate a supportive and encouraging community of girls who embrace their strength!

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    Girl, You Are Strong: 6-Week Holistic Fitness Program for Teen Girls

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