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Whether you want to work with Chantel on a personal level or as a company,

Chantel’s consulting servces and Virtual Fitness Studio are both designed to help you get the results you desire!

Virtual Fitness & Tech Consulting

There’s never been a better time to grow your virtual training program. Problem is, tech consultants don’t know the fitness industry, and trainers don’t know the tech world. When you work with Chantel, you can have both. Chantel and her  team offers an integrated solution that combines expertise from over a decade of training experience and fitness industry knowledge. Together, we’ll help you build a stronger fitness product or program with an optimized user experience that keeps your customers coming back for more.

Here’s what to expect with us:

√Deep dive into your product/program to capture the vision, including who your target demographic is, what roadblocks you anticipate, and how you’d like to grow over the next 5-10 years.

√Analyze the experience through the dual-lense of being a fitness participant and a fitness trainer to make a plan with clear action steps.

√Create a fitness EXPERIENCE that will keep your clients coming back to your product/program with our understanding of the psyche of trainers and exercise enthusiasts.

√Test your product on our client base to get feedback from real participants.

√Adjust the product/program based on the data we collect.

√Meet weekly to keep the project moving forward.

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Virtual  Fitness Studio

 Get the results you want in a shame-free, guilt-free, sustainable way.

Join Chantel’s Studio and have access to:

√ Daily Self-Guided Workouts

√ A variety of live virtual classes and coaching

√ On-Demand classes and coaching

√ Chantel as your ACE Certified Health Coach

√ A fitness community focused on choosing progress over perfection

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