Work with Chantel, have her come alongside you and coach you in a way that will get you the physical, mental and emotional results you want. She will motivate, guide and inspire you toward transformational growth.

The programs below can be customized for your specific needs. Whether you want to work with Chantel personally, or as a corporation, each program is designed to help participants push past barriers and reach a place of holistic fitness with growth, strength and resilience that lasts.

Virtual Holistic Fitness Program

• $20 Monthly Subscription

•5 Workouts a week

•Weekly Mental/Emotional Resilience Lessons

• Nutrition Lessons and Resources

•Monthly LIVE follow-along workouts with Chantel

•Daily Support and Encouragement from Chantel

1:1 Training 

Work with Chantel either In-Person or Virtually.

Together you will dream of where you want to go and establish a plan of how you will “get there”. Chantel will coah you with empathy, acceptance and HOPE to reach your holistic fitness goals.

Corporate Consulting

Strengthen the physical, mental and emotional wellness or your company or organization by working with Chantel. She will customize a holistic fitness program that will meet the needs of your organization. Chantel has experience collaborating with international corporations such as the 30 Day Fitness App and Nike Sports, school districts, non-profits and smaller companies, helping them identify their holistic fitness needs and creating a customized plan that will help them meet those needs.


Host one of Chantel’s Holistic Fitness Workshops where she will teach participants how to remove the narrative of shame from their fitness journey, become motivated by hope, implement healthy nutrition into their life consistently, and learn how to exercise in a way that will help them reach their fitness goals in a realistic and sustainable way. Chantel’s dynamic and energetic teaching style will inspire and motivate you.

“Sometimes you must hurt in order to know, fall in order to grow, lose in order to gain, because life’s greatest lessons are learnt through pain.”