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Chantel Oakley is the founder and CEO of Chantel Oakley Holistic Fitness. She is a lifetime athlete, an ACE certified Health Coach, TRX certified group fitness instructor and former AFAA certified group fitness instructor.

Chantel works on a corporate level providing AI and mixed reality fitness consulting with the intent of building into Metaverse fitness integration. Chantel has worked and consulted with international corporations such as Nike Sports and the 30-Day Fitness App.

Chantel's approach to fitness has been shaped by her own fitness journey and health struggles. She believes, at her core, that "there is nothing more beautiful or inspiring than the strength and resilience of the human spirit." She is passionate about using fitness as a platform to help others understand how strong they are, that they "matter" and that they have greatness within them.

When she isn't working as a fitness tech consultant or mom, Chantel loves to read, travel with her husband and laugh at how hilarious her four boys are.


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