Virtual Fitness Consulting with Chantel Oakley

There’s a Better Way to Build

 Your Virtual Fitness Program

Virtual fitness apps are on the rise and there’s never been a better time to grow your program. But how can you ensure the best possible experience for your users while the market is so saturated? With Chantel Oakley as your Virtual Fitness Consultant, there’s a better way. Our team offers an integrated solution that combines expertise from over a decade of training experience and fitness industry knowledge.

The end goal? An unmatched user experience that keeps your customers coming back for more.

Meet Chantel Oakley

As the founder of Chantel Oakley Holistic Fitness, Virtual Fitness Consultant, lifetime athlete, and certified fitness coach, Chantel understands the mindset behind fitness in a way other consultants can’t compete with. Sustainable fitness results require an integrated holistic approach to training, so why shouldn’t your virtual program have an integrated approach, too? If you want a consultant who can develop your program through the unique lens of being a trainer, trainee, AND virtual program designer — you’re in the right place.

 Build Your Strongest Program

If you’re ready to uplevel your virtual fitness program, we’re ready for you.

Virtual and Tech Fitness Consulting

Build a virtual training program that reaches your goals and exceeds your client expectations.

1:1  Coaching/

Virtual training

Work 1:1 with Chantel to identify where you want to go and how to get there.

Virtual Fitness App

Get a cutting-edge workout experience with intuitive programming led by Chantel.

In-Person Events


Coming Soon!

“Girl, You are Strong” is a 12-week fitness program designed to help teen girls become stronger physically, mentally and emotionally, empower them to do hard things and cultivate a healthy relationship with nutrition and exercise. Stay tuned for details!