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A Health Coach who motivates and inspires you could be the catalyst you need to ignite change, resilience and hope within you.


True Grit Virtual Training Program

Launching February 22, 2021

Do you desire to get stronger both physically and mentally? The True Grit Training Program provides the following:

  • 3-5 body weight workouts per week that will improve overall strength and endurance.
  • 3-5 lessons each week designed to help individuals learn HOW to develop inner GRIT and resilience.
  • Once a week, twenty-minute, small group virtual coaching sessions.

Corporate Programs

√ True Grit Strength and Resilience Virtual Program

√ Burnout Prevention and Recovery

√ Personal Growth and Development

√ Holistic Living Program

√ Fitness and Nutrition

√ Lunch and Learns

√ Motivational Speaking

1:1 Coaching

√ Virtual or In-Person

√ We will care for your body in a holistic manner by evaluating your rest, nutrition and exercise. We will develop simple ways to eat healthy, rest intentionally and we will find the exercise routine that makes you WANT to work out!

√ We will discuss and evaluate the things in your life which cause you stress and anxiety. We will work on accepting, embracing and integrating your strengths and weaknesses, helping you to develop inner strength and resilience.

√ We will explore and incorporate your personal spiritual beliefs, help you gain a better understanding of “who you are” and that, as a human being, you have needs. Together we will work on developing the strength to exercise vulnerability, help you identify your needs, accept them and develop tools to have your needs met in a way that is healthy and leads to lifelong transformation.

Teen Programs

√ Chantel is passionate about inspiring teens to become people of strong character, who are self-starters that know they “matter and belong”,  and are ready to make a positive difference in this world.

√ True Grit Strength and Resilience Virtual Program

√ 1:1 Coaching Virtually or In-Person

√ Virtual Motivational Speaking

√ Healthy Body Image Virtual Workshops

√ Self-Esteem Virtual Workshops


Meet Chantel

Chantel is an AFAA and TRX certified group fitness instructor and an ACE certified Health Coach who is passionate about inspiring individuals to become stronger and more resilient physically, mentally and emotionally. This passion is evident in her work as a health coach, personal trainer and corporate consultant.

Chantel believes that everyone has a purpose for their life. And, while life is not easy, hardship is a catalyst to true strength which can be used to help us fulfill our life's purpose. Chantel's messaging and approach has inspired a diverse clientele that ranges from professional and collegiate athletes to those who are new to their fitness journey; stay-at-home moms to celebrities in the entertainment industry; non-profits organizations to international corporations.

As a lifetime athlete, Chantel loves pushing hard, taking advantage of the beautiful opportunity life offers, with a fire in her eyes and a smile on her face. "I believe that as people, we were all created to “count”, to matter, and it is for this reason that I invest deeply in those around me...whether that be my family, friends, clients or coporations I work with."

 As a wife, mother of four boys and someone who lives life with great zeal and passion, Chantel has learned firsthand that great strength and resilience can come from pain and hardship. She believes to her core that we are not defined by our failures but we can use them to ignite growth, transformation and perseverance. 

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