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Are you ready for a change?

Feel like you keep falling short of where you want to be?

Tired of trying different diets, exercise programs, or coping with stress and burn out in a way that isn’t working?

Maybe you just need a little inspiration envisioning what your life could be?

As your personal health coach, I can help inspire, motivate and support you on your journey toward more holistic health and personal transformation.

Lifestyle Choices
stress management
adrenal fatigue & burnout recovery
simple healthy eating
building support & community

A Health Coach who motivates, inspires and helps you identify your strengths could be the catalyst you need to transform your body, mind and spirit into the healthy, resilient, joyful, integrated person you were meant to be. 

work with me

Growth is done best with accountability. I will come alongside you, help you experiment with changes, and map out a specific plan that works best for your needs. 


We will care for your body in a holistic manner by evaluating your rest, nutrition and exercise as they all work together and have an effect on your metabolism, energy level, strength and endurance. We will work on paying attention to the “tired” cues your body is giving you and how to respond to them. We will develop simple ways to eat healthy, and we will find the exercise routine that makes you WANT to work out!


We will discuss and evaluate the things in your life which cause you stress and anxiety, as well as steps you can take to restructure your mind towards mindfulness, acceptance and gratitude. We will work on accepting, embracing and integrating your strengths and weaknesses, helping you to develop inner strength and resilience.


We will explore and incorporate your personal spiritual beliefs, help you gain a better understanding of “who you are” and that, as a human being, you have needs. Together we will work on developing the strength to exercise vulnerability, help you identify your needs, accept them and develop tools to have your needs met in a way that is healthy and leads to lifelong transformation..

holistic health coaching

Health is much more than what we eat and how often we go to the gym. I love helping my clients look at health as a complete, mind, body, soul experience to find fulfillment and balance. I specialize in exercise and nutrition to help all my clients to find success!

Personal Training

Exercise is an important part of holistic health and sometimes it can be hard knowing where to start or how to stay motivated on your own! With 10 years of experience as a certified group fitness instructor and a certified TRX instructor, I can develop a customized fitness plan that is motivating, fun and appropriate for your current fitness level. 

Small Group Training

Exercising with a group is often more motivating, inspiring and FUN! Challenge each other, encourage one another and laugh together as I motivate you to reach your goals, get stronger and push your limits.

If you already have a group, let’s chat! If you want to join one, please reach out.

Discounted rates available!

healthy goal setting

With all my clients, we will take a look at your goals and make a realistic plan on how we can get there. I will give you tips, tricks, and life hacks for healthy decisions and supports you along the way! 

Stress management

Stress management is a huge part of overall health. If I’m stressed, I’m not feeling healthy or making healthy decisions. Let me help you manage your stress with tools I’ve learned for a healthier and more balanced life.

Meet Chantel

I have worked in the fitness industry for 10 years, am an AFAA and TRX certified group fitness instructor and ACE certified Health Coach. I love pushing hard, taking advantage of the beautiful opportunity life offers, with a fire in my eyes and a smile on my face. I believe that as people, we were all created to “count”, to matter, and it is for this reason that I invest deeply in those around me…whether that be my family, friends or clients.

I am an energetic, strong, empathetic,” warrior” of a woman. I’m a wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend. As a wife, mother of four boys and someone who lives life with great zeal and passion, I have to frequently take a step back and make sure that I am caring for myself as a whole person…body, mind and spirit, so that I can love and impact those around me well. And I am here to help my clients do the same because I know I’m not alone in letting the business of life affect my health.

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